Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Space for Boris biking

Yesterday evening 5,000 cyclists took to the streets of London in London Cycling Campaign's 'Space for Cycling' ride. The protest ride passed the Houses of Parliament where MPs were debating the Get Britain Cycling report.

Boris bikers support 'Space for Cycling' ride
The ride is the latest in a series designed to highlight the need for more dedicated space for cycling on Britain's roads, to improve safety and encourage more people to switch to two wheels.

Many Boris bikers took part in the event. Of all London's cyclists, those who take to Boris bikes are often novices or less experienced. The cycle hire scheme deliberately encourages new cyclists and casual users. Helmets are, quite rightly, not compulsory.

If we want streets where all cyclists are safe, including children and the elderly, then we need streets with facilities to protect us from fast-moving motor traffic and HGVs. Government spending on cycling remains pitiful compared to other European countries, despite the huge benefits in improving air quality, health and tackling congestion.

I hope this ride has helped our parliamentary representatives understand that to really Get Britain Cycling we need political will and investment.