Thursday, 20 October 2011

Meet the Managers - the answers

A very interesting discussion took place online on Tuesday evening, with questions ranging from specific docking stations to redistribution to, of course, the bells! Read the full discussion here, and if your question wasn't answered on the night, the managers have promised to update the page over the next couple of weeks with more answers.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Meet the Managers - what are your questions? - and other Boris updates

According to the Press Association, the latest fans of Boris bikes are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who use them for short trips around the capital. So if you're undocking near Kensington Palace, you never know who might have been sitting on that saddle ahead of you.

It's also reported that Wandsworth Council are consulting residents on where up to 60 docks could be sited in their borough by 2013. This is a great idea as the bikes will actually be sited where people want them rather than where the council happen to have a bit of free pavement. If you're in that borough email with your suggestions.

The big news of this week of course is the Meet the Managers online Q&A forum tomorrow (Tuesday) from 19.00-20.30. What questions will you be posing? I've already sent in my submission by email, as below. It would be good to know what other issues users have.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for the email about the 'Meet the Managers' online discussion on Tuesday. I have been blogging about Boris bikes at and contribute regularly on the Boris bikes forum

I think the scheme is very good, and am appreciative that some of the technical glitches are being ironed out.

My main questions relate to bike availability and docking stations:

1. What is being done to tackle the gaps in provision of docking stations and bikes in major business and tourist areas, notably around Green Park / St James Park / Parliament Square?

2. What is being done to improve permeability, especially where docking stations are situated on one-way streets?

3. Can provision of docking stations be improved at rail stations other than Waterloo? Kings Cross / St Pancras is of particular concern.

4. Is it possible to simplify the casual hire procedure? I am often called on to assist at terminals by tourists who find it confusing.

5. The major obstacle to better cycling in London is the road network which is poorly designed for safe cycling and lacks separate space for cyclists. Is Barclays Cycle Hire actively addressing these issues with TfL and the Mayor?

I look forward to reading a report of the discussion.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bikes on the Bridge, and Meet the Managers

Two little snippets of news today ...

Firstly, LCC are organising another cycle protest on Blackfriars Bridge tonight, meeting at 5.45pm on the south side of the bridge. LCC have released new plans for the bridge, with much better provison from pedestrians and cyclists. Hope to see lots of blue bikes there this evening.

Secondly, Barclays Cycle Hire are running an online 'Meet the Managers' forum next Tuesday (18 October), 7-8.30pm. If you're a member you've probably had an email about it, but take part if you can, there are a lot of issues about availability, dock location, and road safety, which need asking.