Thursday, 28 July 2011

Big news for Boris bikes

Maybe it's because of the run up to the Boris bikes first birthday, but there's a lot to report today.

Firstly, Boris Johnson has announced a continuing deal with Barclays to finance a western extension of the scheme, in addition to the phase 2 eastern extension already well publicised. An initial report on this is in today's Evening Standard, and here in TfL's own words. This is great news, and hopefully more details of the particulars of the expanded scheme will emerge soon.

Secondly, the Battle of Blackfriars Bridge seems to be reaching a critical phase. The particulars of this debate are well covered elsewhere (Cyclists in the City for example) but when all four parties on the London Assembly are agreed that the layout and speed limit of the scheme need reconsideration, it is surely madness for TfL to push ahead with construction. London Cycling Campaign are leading a cycle flash mob tomorrow at 6pm from the south side of the bridge; if you're a Boris biker, ring your bell.

More prosaically, some big dock developments are in the offing. Soho Square now has an expanded dock (according to the TfL status page, I've not seen it). A large dock on Cheapside in the City of London is close to completion, replacing the short-lived and smaller dock on the opposite side of the road. An even larger dock (dare we call it a megadock?) is almost ready in the space above Southwark tube station, which will provide much-needed extra capacity south of the river.

It's clearly a critical time for cycling in London, and Boris bikes (whether or not you're a fan of Boris) are leading a real transformation in the way Londoners get around. It would be great to see this site as somewhere people can share views and opinions on the bikes.

Monday, 25 July 2011

I love Boris Bikes

Welcome to the blog! It's almost a year since Barclays Cycle Hire went live across central London. Has it been a success? Yes, Boris bikes are everywhere, and cycling in London has more media coverage than ever. And now we're set for a phase 2 expansion into Tower Hamlets and beyond.

But cycling in London still isn't great, and there's a long way to go to catch up with our European neighbours in terms of creating streets which are calm, cycle and pedestrian friendly, clean, green and healthy.

On this blog you'll find news of Boris bikes in the media, of cycling developments in London, of new docks, new cycle lanes, and of course some comment on cycling and traffic policy in London. So watch this space ...