Friday, 6 April 2012

Boris bikes for Kingston?

A few weeks ago I wrote about a possible extension to Surbiton. And now it seems Boris has said the same focusing this time on nearby Kingston. Exactly the same caveats apply, and the article itself, if you read past the headline, more or less says 'nice idea but won't happen'.

Despite the beautiful blue bikes, Sustrans gives Mayor Johnson the thumbs down in its assessment of the candidates' transport manifestos.

New docks have opened recently in Limerston Street and Drayton Gardens, extending the zone west along the Fulham Road. Kingsway southbound is also open, as is the long-awaited Abingdon Street Gardens. Strata is fixed at last.

Monument Street has a new dock, not yet active. John Islip Street (Pimlico) has a dock under construction.

I was in Hyde Park yesterday, couldn't get moved for the Boris bikes. Also plenty bikes down on Victoria Embankment, taking advantage of a part-closure for resurfacing.

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