Saturday, 28 April 2012

Big Ride review, and election preview

Boris bikes in Big Ride
So, 10,000 cyclists did indeed take to London's streets, in the rain, to highlight cycle safety ahead of the mayoral and assembly elections this coming Thursday. And I hope you like my picture of some Boris bikes in the protest - there weren't many of us (maybe because it took more than 30 minutes? maybe because it rained and we're fair-weather folk?) but we were a reminder that cycle hire is now firmly a part of London's cycling culture.

Despite his belated conversion to LCC's 'Go Dutch' strategy, I'm going to agree with Londoners on Bikes that Jenny Jones has the best cycling policies for London. She has consistently supported lower speed limits, priority for pedestrians and cyclists on our streets, and street design which builds in safety for cyclists. What is certain is that cycling is now on the agenda in London politics. Whoever wins on Thursday (realistically Ken or Boris) will need to be held to their promises on cycling.

If you think I've not posted much news recently, it's because there hasn't been much. April has been a wash-out and I've cycled less than usual, I assume I'm not alone. Useage statistics for March (it was sunny then, remember?) show a big boost following the eastern extension, up to just under 40,000 hires each day from about 20,000 during the winter months before the extension.

A few new docks have opened in the Haggerston/Hoxton area, also Mudchute DLR (at last) and the Queen Street extension. Still no change at Monument Street, but it's ready for action.

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