Thursday, 23 February 2012

Three bits of news

I enjoyed the Flashride at Parliament yesterday, many thanks to the organisers, and let's hope the MPs listen during their debate today. Good number of Boris bikes in the ride, at one point there were six of us riding together.

Ken Livingstone's latest comment on Boris bikes proposes making them free for the elderly. I have no objection in principle but - BBs are very good value already so the OAPs wouldn't save much; how would the scheme be administered, it would be very expensive to upgrade the terminals to accept OAP freedom passes; what about other deserving groups, such as children or the unemployed? I think the idea needs more work. And the real issue for the mayoral election will be cycle safety, we can't put thousands of elderly Londoners onto streets which remain perilous even to experienced cyclists.

More and more docks are opening ahead of E-Day. Green Park Station and Wren Street are live today on the map, I think there are others too. And Camden Town now has docks not only on Parkway, but at Bonny Street and Castlehaven Road. I really ought to invest in a camera - this blog would look so much better with pictures!

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