Saturday, 25 February 2012

Camden loves Boris Bikes

On Friday I toured the new docks in Camden Town. I started by docking in Albany Street to the east of Regents Park, a dock of around 20 docking points. Chatted to an elderly Irish lady who used to be a cyclist there and explained how to use the bikes, hoping she'll get a key soon!

While Albany Street is okay, there aren't many docks connecting the existing zone to Camden Town. Outer Circle would be a perfect site for a big dock, but nothing yet.

I headed up to Camden Town and arrived at Gloucteser Avenue. A Serco guy was stripping the 'coming soon' sign from the dock. 'Can I dock?' I asked. 'Yeah, should be working,' he said, so my bike was the first to go in. Walked from there to Arlington Road, the dock is ready to go but not active yet. On to Hawley Crescent but no sign of a new dock there yet. Bikes were available on Bonny Street next to the Overground station, so I cycled down to Greenland Road, where the dock is under construction. Castlehaven Road was the one I missed out, but it's live on the map.

The really positive thing is the density of docks in Camden. And they're generally big docks. But navigating the busy one-way system isn't easy, and there aren't enough docks connecting this area to the King's Cross area to the south yet. More docks are definitely needed in Somerstown.

Saturday update - from a totally different area, but construction is underway to extend the dock at Queen Street in the City.

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