Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Two snippets of BB news

I have been alerted to this very interesting visualisation of Boris bike journeys by TWG George. It shows that the most popular routes for Boris biking are to and from Kings Cross / St Pancras and Waterloo stations, and also across Hyde Park. What interests me is that fewer journeys seem to be made through Westminster. One can only guess reasons, but is it because the density of docks is insufficient, or perhaps because the cycling routes aren't as good? Comments welcome.

The residents of Lille Road have got in a fluster about Boris bikes coming to Normand Park. 'Nimbyism' in action, or a genuine concern? There is a wider question here about how much influence residents should have to block the expansion of cycle hire. It is just a guess, but I imagine the lack of docks in historic Limehouse stems from resident pressure against a docking station - they have already fought the presence of CS3 in their neighbourhood.

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